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The Whiteness Project will make you wince. Because white people can be rather awful


There’s Ronald, who says “the white guys will never have a chance to be a fireman” and “minorities should understand that a lot of white boys aren’t going to be pushed around”. There’s Claudia, who doesn’t “have a lot of black friends” yet laments that “you can’t even talk about fried chicken or Kool-Aid without wondering if someone’s going to get offended”. There’sJason, who asks, “Do I think it’s beneficial for me being white? Have I gotten any privileges like that? I would say no” and wonders why, “for some reason, some black people kind of hold onto the back in the day, the slave thing, or they feel they’re not being treated right.” And there’sDeanna who, “as a voluptuous woman,” is clearly afraid of black men.

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